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Polar Bears

October and early November are the most popular times to see the polar bear, a large creamy-white carnivorous bear that inhabits arctic regions. They wait around the outskirts of the town of Churchill until the ice freezes on Hudson Bay so that they can return to hunt their primary food source. The ice freezes first near Churchill because of the large volume of fresh water delivered by the nearby Churchill and Seal Rivers and because of the predominant northeast wind causes ice to pile up along the shore just north of Churchill. Imagine this problem: out on the tundra, the fearsome polar bear is roaming freely, just waiting for the Bay to freeze over so that he can get out and start hunting seals, his favorite food. Now imagine how you can get out where the bears are on the tundra so you can see them and get some ‘close up’ pictures. Now parked in front of you is this oversized school bus with five foot wheels. Sitting on top of the wheels is this really large, wide-bodied enclosure. The vehicle includes a propane heater, a toilet facility, reasonably comfortable seats, windows that open and a large observation deck. What you have is a Tundra Buggy that allows you to go out on the tundra, in relative comfort and safety to watch and photography polar bears! Browse this gallery’s images and join our journey with Frontier North to see these beautiful polar bears and the tundra, a land of unlimited vistas!